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Weddings At The Smiddy

The Smiddy, located in a private house just opposite The Horse and Hound, offers couples an interesting and intimate venue to get married in, or to renew wedding vows.


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About The Smiddy

It is a traditional and original working forge, and has been used as a blacksmiths shop by three generations of the same family since 1911, but has been in existence since the late 1700’s!


The stone walls are filled with handmade blacksmiths tools and horseshoes, including a set worn by successful local racehorse Earls Brigg in the 1980’s. You can also see the rings to tie the horses to for shoeing, and The Smiddy had a resident farrier right up until the 1990’s.  The anvil, still in use today, is over 100 years old and provides a historical and traditional focal point for the marriage ceremony.

These days The Smiddy is used regularly on a hobby basis for personal projects, and is still very much a working forge, rather than a museum or visitor centre, and as such retains a unique charm and character you will not find anywhere
else. It forms part of a much loved family home, and is situated in the very heart of the small village of Bonchester Bridge. As a venue for wedding or vow renewal ceremonies it can seat up to 25 guests, and offers a wonderful
experience and delightful photo opportunities.

Package Deal

The Smiddy Venue is only bookable as a catering/accommodation package with the Horse & Hound Country Inn. In this package The Horse & Hound Country Inn will provide meals/accommodation for guests attending the ceremony. Please get in touch today to find out available dates for your ceremony.


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